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Plastic Extrusion XPS Insulation Board

Our plastic extrusion XPS insulation boards feature a compressive strength of 150 to 500 KPa, making it ideal for heat preservation applications in geothermal engineering, expressways, airport pavement, outdoor social gathering areas and more.

    1. Aluminum Foil Insulation XPS Foam BoardThe aluminum foil insulation XPS foam board is widely used for heat preservation applications in walls, flat concrete roofs and steel structure roofs, as well as moisture resistance and heat preservation in parking platforms, runways, and expressways.
    1. XPS Underfloor Heating Insulation BoardThe XPS underfloor heating insulation board is an extruded closed cell foamed rigid foamed board formed through a process that includes injecting a catalyst while heating and mixing a polystyrene resin and polymer.

WT Thermal Insulation Material is manufacturing and offering aluminized fabrics and fiberglass coated products and some others feature aluminum foils or silicone laminating, these products extend to aluminum foil wrap, aluminum foil laminated fabrics, and adhesive aluminum tapes, aluminum foil fabrics covered insulation foam board etc. We can offer different products that are made with aluminum foils by coating, laminating, or covering; rich experiences and enough knowledge of manufacturing aluminum foil based products is our confidence to provide quality products to global markets.

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