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Aluminum Foil Laminated Adhesive Tape

Aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is primarily used to paste, seal and repair materials in industrial applications such as refrigerators, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics and more.

    1. Aluminum Foil Laminated Fiberglass TapeThe aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is composed of a fiberglass fabric and aluminum foil, with a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on the surface of the fiberglass fabric. This tape uses a release paper for isolation. When users remove the release paper, the tape is easy to use and attach to any item.
    1. Alumminum foil reinforced fiberglass tapeThe antistatic aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is used for joint bonding of all aluminum foil materials, as well as sealing and repairing holes caused by heat preservation nails. It can also be used to wrap steam conduits to prevent temperature loss.
    1. Reinforced Aluminum Foil Laminated Adhesive TapeThe reinforced aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape makes use of an excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive, which exerts an excellent viscosity and strong adhesion performances.
    1. Automotive Wire harness TapesThe high bond aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is composed of aluminum foil, fiberglass fabric and a release paper and makes use of a unique, advanced technology. The high temperature resistance of the tape can be up to 260 degrees, due to the coating of high-performance adhesives with strong adhesion.

WT Thermal Insulation Material is manufacturing and offering aluminized fabrics and fiberglass coated products and some others feature aluminum foils or silicone laminating, these products extend to aluminum foil wrap, aluminum foil laminated fabrics, and adhesive aluminum tapes, aluminum foil fabrics covered insulation foam board etc. We can offer different products that are made with aluminum foils by coating, laminating, or covering; rich experiences and enough knowledge of manufacturing aluminum foil based products is our confidence to provide quality products to global markets.

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