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Aluminized Fabrics

    1. Aluminized Fiberglass FabricThe insulation material combines many types of fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, flame-retardant cotton, aluminosilicate ceramic cloth, silicone fabric, EPE, non-woven fabric, and other component materials. It can be used for piping protection, engine components, construction materials, and other uses.

Aluminized fabrics can be composited with a number of fiberglass materials as well as Kevlar fibers, carbon fibers, flame retardant cotton, and aluminum silicate ceramic cloth. These aluminized fabrics are used in pipeline, motor vehicle, construction, chemical, and shipbuilding applications.

WT Thermal Insulation Material is manufacturing and offering aluminized fabrics and fiberglass coated products and some others feature aluminum foils or silicone laminating, these products extend to aluminum foil wrap, aluminum foil laminated fabrics, and adhesive aluminum tapes, aluminum foil fabrics covered insulation foam board etc. We can offer different products that are made with aluminum foils by coating, laminating, or covering; rich experiences and enough knowledge of manufacturing aluminum foil based products is our confidence to provide quality products to global markets.

aluminized cloth, heat barrier, vapor barrier, laminated fiberglass cloth

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